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The deposit amount and business setup charges for each category are as follows:

Category Deposit Setup Charges
State-wise promoter - SWP
Category A States 2500000 100000
Category B States 1500000 50000
Category C States 500000 25000
Area-wise promoter - AWP
Area-wise in pincode basis 75000 5000
Basic promoter - BP
Area-wise in pincode basis 25000 2500

State Categories

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States Direction Category
Rajasthan Western A
Madhya Pradesh Central A
Maharashtra Western A
Uttar Pradesh Northern A
Gujarat Western A
Karnataka Southern A
Andhra Pradesh Southern A
Odisha Eastern A
Chhattisgarh Central A
Tamil Nadu Southern A
Telangana Southern A
West Bengal Eastern A
Punjab Northern A
Delhi Northern A
States Direction Category
Jammu and Kashmir Northern B
Bihar Eastern B
Kerala Southern B
States Direction Category
Arunachal Pradesh Northern C
Jharkhand Eastern C
Assam North Eastern C
Himachal Pradesh Northern C
Uttarakhand Northern C
Haryana Northern C
Meghalaya North Eastern C
Manipur North Eastern C
Mizoram North Eastern C
Nagaland North Eastern C
Tripura North Eastern C
Goa Western C
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Bay of Bengal C
Puducherry (Pondicherry) Southern C
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Western C
Chandigarh Northern C
Daman and Diu Western C
Lakshadweep Arabian Sea C