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How it works

Step by Step Guidance

How it Works

Ceeyen.com has been the leading industry in real estate since 2008. Our services extend to every part of India. Our user-friendly website and readily available search options tools will ensure reward for your involvement and effort. Buying, selling or renting a property / business becomes hassle free at ceeyen.com. Our goal is to make the process more accessible without any mediators or commission expenses.

Easy setup

One can easily be ceeyen.com promoter by just filling the online promoter application along with the prescribed amount and promoter setup charges. Your application will be verified by our officials and provide you the status within 2 business days.

Once your application is approved you can login to your promoter account and enjoy all the benefits.

Earn more money

With ceeyen.com, you will get paid for all the sales generating from the allotted area / territory. Moreover we will provide a referral commission if you refer anyone as ceeyen.com promoter to other unrepresented areas.

What do you want to achieve?

The ceeyen.com real estate concept offers a wealth of information to help you get your real estate career off to a strong start. Explore how-to guidelines, learn from the experts

and tap into the latest news that's trending in the real estate profession.

Monitor & manage your business and revenue

With our ceeyen.com promoter dashboard, you can monitor all your business, trends, analysis and timely progressions.

Anyone can apply

Any Indian citizen aged above 18 years having the basic requirements and facilities required for the selected Promoter plan can apply for the Ceeyen.com promoter program.

All applications are subject to the approval of Ceeyen.com.